Devoted Australian Youth Inc. | DAY Inc | Volunteer Hub

Tel: (02) 9446 2773
Fax: 1900 970 623

Our Mission

  • To unite active Australian youth
  • To provide young professionals with relevant work experience
  • To act as an ambassador for young professionals in Australia
  • To promote recognition among different industries

Our Vision

    • We see Australia as a land of opportunity and we strongly believe that every university student or young professional should have an access to relevant work experience within the industry of their choice
    • Work experience should be about applying academic knowledge and skills while working on exciting real-life projects
    • We seek to foster new relationships and networking opportunities where young professionals can easily assist each other in developing new and innovative ideas
    • We trust that bringing together Devoted Australian Youth will allow the individual members to gain access to a wide range of assistance and advise
    • Together, we endeavour to bring change to the current state of affairs with benefits to our members and society as a whole

Our Projects