Congratulations you have found our sell page!

Please read through our terms and conditions pages carefully before signing up to our program.

We welcome you to DAYs comunity and we hope you will see a great value in our program.

Dear DAY volunteer welcome!

If you went through your formal interview then you are probably farmiliar with our system and our volunteer reward program and you knwo that this marketplace is an integral peice.

However if you are not blessed with amazing memmory or you have randomly came upon this page then read on about our rules for volunteers.

1. At the application each volunteer at day needs to come up with at least 10 (ten) producs and/or services to offer our community. To give you some suggestions these can include:

assignment services - for different subjects that you are expert in

labour services - lawnmoving, cleaning, building, painting, driving.

consulting - provide profesional consulations in area(s) of your expertise

social services - social catch up, party planing, trivia night organisation and the like.

tutoring services - these can be for people younger than you or simply less experienced

teaching services - conferences, formal/informal lessons, interactive guest lecture speking

second hand goods - have old clothes, accessories, games and other goods which you can convert to points or cash.

brand new goods - did you manage to get a good bargain but can sell it for good points

digital goods and services - if you can create websites, make photos, broshures, social media ads start offereing these and earning rewards.

2. Each memeber is responsible for their own products and services.

3. To buy a product or a service members can use Australian Dollars or accumilated Volunteer Rewards Points (VRP).

4. At the checkout, the buyer will redeem his/her points immidiately 

5. After the sale, the saller needs to confirm service or product delivery through  buying a "confirmation" product at whcih stage the selller will be credited with the amount of points specified at the confirmation.

If you are a volunteer with DAY Inc. you are welcome to read this page however the relevant information will be found under tab "volunteers read this"

So you have herd/stumbeled upon our program and would like to be part of our market place.


We have a couple of rules thogh. Please make sure you read carefuly to avoid any nusty surprise later.

1. Posting of any products or services with DAY is free

2. We will only charge fees when you sell your product.

3. Current cahrge for selling is 10% and it is automatically added to your listed product price.

4. You have to accept at least 10% of your products or services price in our Volunteer Rewards Points (VRPs). Essentialy we are asking you to provide at least 10% discount to our volunteers as they work really hard to keep this project running.

5. We can allow our volunteers to pay full price in points and you will be reimburst in AUD for remain ammount after your discount.

6. We have full discretion on how we allocate VRP to your products. (don't be scared all this means is that we look after the whole reward side of things).


You charge $1,000 for your product or service.

After you post your product we automatically add 10% to it making it $1,100

You tell us at the application that you are happy to give 10% discount to our members.

We allocate 1,100VRP to your product.

When DAY member buys your product they pay 1,100VRP we ask you to accept 110VRP and $990 DAY Inc will reimburst to you.

For our services we charge you 10VRP and $90 so you are left with 100VRP and $900.

Your VRPs are given to you so you can use them to buy product and services of our members.

We hope this makes sense.

Don't forget to visit our FAQ page.

Or contact us with any questions or concerns.

Long Time Sellers

DAY Inc.

From Australia

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A & Y Group Pty Ltd

From Australia

Total Products 2

George Bolonin

From Australia

Total Products 7

Aasiya Khatri

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Buy this product to confirm delivery of a service or product supplied/provided by you.\r\n..

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Seller DAY Inc.

From Australia

Floating Floor Installation (labour only)

Complete installation of floating laminate/vynil flours\n..

$605.00 Tax : $550.00

Seller A & Y Group Pty Ltd

From Australia

Banking Lending Consultation (1h)

A general advice about avaliable banking products and services\r\n\r\nWhen purchasing, in comments p..

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Seller George Bolonin

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HR Manager (Volunteer)

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Seller DAY Inc.

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Position Duties (Payroll 1h)

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Seller George Bolonin

From Australia


Bookkkeping services..

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Seller George Bolonin

From Australia

ABN Registration Service

Simple ABN registration service\r\n..

$77.00 Tax : $70.00

Seller George Bolonin

From Australia

Coffee Catch Up (30min)

Please feel free to book my time for the catch up..

$33.00 Tax : $30.00

Seller George Bolonin

From Australia

Miscellaneous Products/Services

Use this product to order miscelenious products or services..

$1.10 Tax : $1.00

Seller George Bolonin

From Australia

Paid Membership (per annum)

Volunteering with DAY is absolutely free and you will recieve full benefits of our Volunteer Rewards..

$110.00 Tax : $100.00

Seller DAY Inc.

From Australia