Volunteer Rewards Program

Volunteer Rewards Program (VRP)

We took simple and quite old idea of the value-exchange-system and applieded it to volunteering spirit of giving.

As a voluntee you are happy to give part of your time, effort, heart and soul to others free of charge. That time effort and intention can be quntified and subsequently rewarded.

Essentially everyvolunteer who volunteers with us has to offere their volunteering services not only directly to the public and comunity but also to each other within organisation. This alows participants of VRP to recieve mutual benefits from the participation at DAY Inc. and empowers "free thinkers" and "idea generators" to create and manage their own projects within the organisation.

For every volunteer position offered through DAY Inc. you will be rewarded with Volunteer Rewards Points (VRP) wich you can redeem for products and services offered by the community.

If this sound to coplicated don't worry.

Just give it a go