Better Bankers Club

Recently DAY Inc. have made a partnership with Better Bankers Club. An enthusiastic bunch of people who want to build back the reputation of bankers in Australia. On the back of Royal commission the Australian government and financial regulators have shown a number of systemic problems with the industry. While these problems exists, there is a great misrepresentation of the great majority of dedicated bankers who have been serving Australian public with integrity, honesty and best intensions at heart. The BBC is looking to unite such bankers and allow them to collectively demonstrate true commitment to their customers.

DAY Inc. is helping out with organisational and technical support and extra helping hands from time to time to assist the BBC with their mission. Join the project if you are willing to help out.

Who is it for:

Someone who is looking to enter banking industry, want to meet new people from financial industry.

Learning outcomes

Depending on the role(s) within  the project you will have an opportunity to learn about banking industry. Participate in online resource building. Learn about various marketing strategies.